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The World’s Prestigious Physical Bullion Trading

Paras Jewellery LLC is one of the World’s Prestigious Electronic Institutional Exchange for the Trading of Specified & Allocated Physical Precious Metals. We have introduced our Own Ground Breaking Exchange Trading Platform named VERTEX FX which will help you to do on your own the Services like The Global Trading, Price Discovery and Clearing Facilities in One Standardised and Secured Online Trading Environment. The said Platform facilitates New Centrally Cleared, Transparent and Cost-Effective Allocated Exchange System and Standard, which will help the Bullion Industry for doing trade in Precious Metal Market Participants.

Paras Jewellery LLC will provide services to the Market Participants like Direct Access to One Integrated and Consolidated Global Wholesale Bullion Market across the World. Our Company have enhanced the Market Efficiency by introducing the Inclusiveness & Accessibility and by providing Relevant Real - Time Price Discovery.